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The Alter Ego Project - dedicated to David Bowie

Art and Therapy - Alter Ego

Ego meets Alter Ego.

Exploring the unknown or hidden parts of your personality and finding your complete identity.

Art therapy, psychology and psychotherapy for self-development and integration.

Workshops and online therapy.

Whats new?

Goddess Retreat

Painting and Dancing with the Fire Goddesses

What the Wise Women can teach us

Heal your emotional wounds and discover your very own femininity

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17.11. - 24.11.2019

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Winter Program

Retreats and Workshops Lanzarote

Art Therapy - Silence & Creativity - Soul Cleaning - Christmas Retreat - Rites of Passage

December 2019

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Retreats & Workshops

Art Therapy Retreat / Creative Self-Experience / Art Therapy Holidays


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